Homeland Security Makes Shock Move On Las Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend

The girlfriend of the Las Vegas shooter has been placed on a travel watch list by the Department of Homeland Security. The placement on the list ensures that Marilou Danley has to go through secondary security screenings should she choose to fly.

The Filipino native, who travels under an Australian passport, will now set off metaphorical alarm bells should she try and leave the United States.

Airport workers must alert authorities if she attempts to board a flight or cross a border; officials employed by the TSA have also been granted more leeway in searching her luggage.

Danley came to the attention of security services after she was sent to the Philippines by her boyfriend just prior to his crime.

Stephen Paddock, the mass shooter that killed almost 60 people in Las Vegas, opened fire in the hotel lobby just before he moved upstairs and shot at festival goers.

Paddock also transferred $100,000 into Danley’s account just before the shooting. It is the deadliest mass shooting in recent history, killing 59 and injuring nearly 500. He opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

Danley has openly and vocally denied having any prior knowledge of Paddock’s plan. She told investigators that she had no idea that Paddock was stockpiling nearly three dozen guns over the course of the past year. She has been cooperating with the FBI on these matters.

In a recent development, a maintenance worker for the Mandalay Bay hotel has come forward with reports that Paddock opened fire down the hallway of the hotel just minutes before his actions against festival goers.

No video footage, nor proof, has been found to back up the maintenance workers claims, but this may be due to the sensitive material contained in the footage.

The worker also called police seconds after Paddock opened fire, but it took them nearly 20 minutes to respond to the call and reach Paddock’s room. This has called into question the accuracy of the timeline being reported by investigators.

Source: New York Post