Hollywood Told Her To “Forget Jesus!” What She Did Next Will Have Every Christian CHEERING!

Well known talk show host and famous spouse of football great Frank Gifford, Kathy Lee-Gifford, has just told off every non-believer and this is awesome!

Kathy Lee was raised Jewish, but worships Jesus Christ as a Christian and knows that he is her lord and savior. She’s had to overcome tough times as tabloids raged about her and her husband’s turmoil in the 90s as well as professional troubles. All the while, faith kept her head about the fray and she thanks Billy Graham every day for her continued faith as he was an integral part of her coming to worship Jesus.

Here is an interview from directly after she lost her husband. This is bringing me to tears.

Also in a recent interview with Christianity today, she explains the night she took Jesus into her heart.

A few months later, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association released its first movie in theaters, The Restless Ones. It is about a girl at the cusp of making big decisions in her life. She asks herself whether she’ll follow the way of faith or the way of the world. I went to see it at a small theater in our town, Annapolis, Maryland. As I watched, I heard a voice speak to me directly. Although it wasn’t audible, I sensed God saying deep in my spirit, “Kathie, I love you. If you’ll trust me, I’ll make something beautiful out of your life.”

At the end of the movie, someone in the theater stood up and announced, “Whoever would like to make this step of faith, come forward.” I couldn’t get out of my seat fast enough. My brother didn’t want me walking into the crowd on my own and said, “You’re not going anywhere.” I spurted back, “Oh yeah? Stop me.” He came with me to make sure I was safe. Standing at the front of the theater, I asked Jesus into my heart.

She also credits God with helping her to become a household name.

At that age, all I wanted was to become an actress and a singer. The Lord met me in a movie theater, in the very world I dreamed of being a part of. From that point on, God was with me at every twist and turn, every decision. The Holy Spirit would say, “Go that way. Go down that road,” or, “No, Kathie, don’t take that part. No, that will not glorify the Lord.” God kept me on his path and eventually led me to Hollywood.

Kathy Lee shines in the face of a Hollywood society where Jesus is considered to be non-existent. We all know that to be false, but she is a shining example of how to deal with the rigors of Hollywood life and come out on the other side still a devout Christian.

We salute you Kathy Lee! May you continue to inspire millions with your message of faith.

(Source: Christianity Today)