Hollywood Star Calls Out Obama. “Gun Control Doesn’t Stop Terrorists.” THIS IS EPIC!

Kurt Russel has played many badasses on screen. Who knew he was also one in real life who stood up to a corrupt president who doesn’t know how to stop terrorism in his own country.

Obama wants more gun control and that it will help stop domestic terrorism. Russel says that’s bunk. Russel’s recent comments stirred up controversy as he said that gun control won’t stop terrorism. He was promoting his new movie “The Hateful Eight” when he was peppered over and over by a liberal journalist asking about gun control laws and how they might stop terrorism. He response was pure greatness. Here’s the part of the interview where he slams this idea.

Here’s the thing: I’m just selling a movie. I never go out there to do publicity about anything other than the movie. I have my political point of view, of course; I’m an American and I’m entitled to it. But I don’t like espousing it publicly. I’m very vocal with my friends, and they’ll tell you that. But this guy just wouldn’t stop. He just went down this road and I went, “OK,” and tried to bring it back a couple of times to the movie but he just wasn’t having it.

He got into the whole thing about how gun control was somehow going to fix terrorism, and I was like, “Dude, I just don’t get that thinking!” It reminds me sometimes of being a parent. Let’s say you’re the parent of a kid who’s getting bullied at school. Your kid is getting punched around and he comes home and tells you about it, and your response is to say to your kid, “Now, are you sure you haven’t done something to make him mad? Are you sure you didn’t do anything to anger him?” and you never give the kid any credence as far as, “I believe you and I believe the bully. He apparently doesn’t care for you, and you’re going to have to turn around and face that bully.” At least that’s one argument to have, isn’t it?

I just didn’t get where he was going saying that gun control was a magic wand of fixing the situation with terrorism. That isn’t going to stop them from what they want to do.

And we couldn’t agree more!