Hollywood Set To Make Teddy Roosevelt Movie, But Look Who’s Playing Iconic President

Leonardo Dicaprio is set to portray another iconic role. The actor has teamed up with director Martin Scorsese to create a drama about Teddy Roosevelt. Dicaprio first became interested in the role years ago, but the original production was halted.

Roosevelt is among the most popular presidents in our history. Liberals and conservatives alike esteem his legacy.

Deadline writes: “Roosevelt had an eventful life filled with military exploits, and a political track where he moved from New York Governor to vice president to become at 42 the youngest president… His most enduring achievements though came in the area of conservation, including his work around reserves, preserves, national parks and forests.”

Scorsese and Dicaprio are a potent duo. They’ve worked together numerous times, usually on films that became smash hits. Presidential dramas rarely turn into blockbusters, but Dicaprio’s name is still a huge box office draw.

Hollywood has been busying itself with attacking President Trump lately, so it’s a relief to hear that a movie respectful to our history is being planned. Roosevelt was a beloved figure in his own time as well.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” is the last movie that Scorsese and Dicaprio worked on together. The pair is currently developing two other projects in addition to the Roosevelt movie.

(Source: Deadline)