Holiday SCAM ALERT! What To Do If You Get A Gift Card Or Check From Walmart!

Another holiday season, another scam to trick Americans.

Every holiday season you should be on high alert for scam artists trying to rip you off. Not just on prices of items, but also for them trying to steal all the money in your bank accounts. This year’s biggest scam has to do with Americans receiving checks in the mail from Walmart. But of course, they’re not from Walmart, they’re from people who want to rip you off.

In your mail you may receive a very ligitimate looking letter accompanied by a check for thousands of dollars. But DO NOT BE FOOLED! Once someone deposits the check, the scammers will have your back account info and drain you of all your funds!

Here’s what one of the letters and checks might look like.

An Illinois sheriff’s department is reporting that a new Walmart scam has been on the loose in their area. First, a person receives a letter in the mail, like the one below, along with a check. The letter allegedly informs the person that they have been accepted into the “Quality Control” program from Walmart and informs the person of their ‘responsibilities’.

Along with the letter is a check that supposedly needs to be activated by using a supplied user ID and password. Once the check is activated, the person is to deposit the check into their bank account to begin shopping and participating in the program.

But it’s a scam! Once the person deposits the check into their account, the scammers drain their bank account.

Remember if you see anything like this, THROW IT AWAY! American’s have enough problems with Obama and ISIS. The last thing we all need is to have no money on top of it. Spread the word to all Americans!

(Source: Qpolitical)