His School Said The US Flag Was Offensive. What He Did Next Proved His Love For America. WOW!

When patriotic Georgia high schoolers LaChristopher Herbert and Nate Maples uncovered the fact that their friend wasn’t allowed to fly the stars and stripes in the parking lot, they did something absolutely wonderful.

Apparently, when dozens of students showed up the next day with lots of American flags flying from their trucks, they were met with strong opposition. Hebert went on to say,

When we got here, they was all yelling at us to take our flags down or they would be cut down and stuff like this. We pledge that flag every day in the classroom,” Maples added to the station. “Why can’t we show our support outside the classrooms? It’s not right. This is what we live for. This is what our soldiers are fighting for, things like this.

What a patriot.

Here’s the full news report of the happenings. It’s a sad day when a public school tells its kids that the nation’s flag is offensive. We all have the power to stop this injustice.

(Source: TheBlaze)