Hillary’s Not The Only One That Could Go To PRISON! She’s Goin’ DOWN!

As more and more emails come out about Hillary Clinton, the more we know about just how much she lied about what was on her personal email server.

And it’s not like this is common practice. Clinton and John Kerry have said that many people do this, yet we’ve never seen other examples of it coming out and especially not to this extent.

Now we are learning that it’s not only Hillary that is in danger of being thrown in jail, but everyone involved with her emails when she was secretary of state, including two of her deputies.



What he wrote next is one example of what lies at the heart of a yearlong controversy over Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private email server at the State Department. The controversy has entangled some of her most trusted aides, both then and now, in a political and legal fight that could drag on throughout the election year.

Mr. Sullivan added a short phrase that was redacted when the email was made public in January on the grounds that the passage could cause serious damage to the nation’s security.

That reference to the drone strikes and Mr. Munter’s reaction included information that, like a couple of dozen other emails, should not have been sent through a nonsecured computer server, not even the State Department’s official though unclassified system, according to current and former officials from the department, Congress and law enforcement agencies.

Even admirers of Mrs. Clinton’s record as secretary of state acknowledge that the use of the server had consequences for her select circle of confidants. They include Mr. Sullivan, who as director of policy planning and a deputy chief of staff, handled the most pressing policies and international crises during her tenure as secretary. Others were Cheryl D. Mills, her chief of staff, and Huma Abedin, who was then also a deputy chief of staff, and other senior diplomats who sent messages to her now under scrutiny.

Because these people sent her emails on her personal server with information about national security, they are now in jeopardy of going to jail as well. Meaning, Hillary knowingly put her own staff at risk with her carelessness.

Twenty-two of the emails on Mrs. Clinton’s server have now been classified as “top secret” at the demand of the C.I.A. because they discuss the program to hunt and kill terrorist suspects using drone strikes, as well as other intelligence operations and sources. The emails contain direct and indirect references to secret programs, the officials said.

The inspector general of the nation’s intelligence agencies, I. Charles McCullough III, has said that “several dozen emails” contained classified information, including some now determined to contain information at the “top secret/S.A.P.” level. That designation refers to “special access programs,” which are the nation’s most closely guarded secrets.

Mr. Sullivan was the author of some of those, while he forwarded others, the officials said, declining to specify exactly what details were classified.

I don’t want a liberal lying democrat in my White House. Let’s keep the out!

(Source: The New York Times)