Hillary’s New Theory On Why She Lost Has Liberals Telling Her To Shut Up And Quit Already

They say people don’t every change, they just show you who they really are. Hillary Clinton has turned out to be, quite possibly, the most destructive bullet that this nation has ever dodged. She didn’t miss us by much, but thankfully she did miss. The question on many liberal’s minds now seems to be; how could someone this awesome and obviously ready to lead, not get the job?

She’s got an answer for them, but even the liberals are beginning to see it for the pathetic excuse that it is.

Basically, what it’s shaping up to look like is that she had no platform, and ignored the working class. I’m a woman, and I’m pretty fond of being one, but even I know that it’s not a platform on which to run a political campaign. As with almost any job, you really need more than physical attributes to be a good fit for the position.

The biggest problem that many have seen with her campaign from the start was that she pretty much ignored the middle class as if they were irrelevant. She obviously had an in with the top 1%, and she made a huge plea to the lower class and welfare recipients. Maybe the middle class didn’t all love President Trump, but we sure knew he was going to do better things for us than Clinton would. And hey, at least she ignored the working class early so we could see what her presidency would be like.

All this little sound bite is an episode of her playing the blame game on steroids.

Of course, we need to let the Twitterverse weigh in, starting with the winning candidate:

Apparently, the only thing they can agree on is that they both hate Comey.

The fact that she’s not talking about the good she’d like to do, only the terrible injustices that befell her should tell us what kind of President she would have been; a selfish one.

(H/T: The Blaze)