Hillary’s New Campaign Chairwoman Was BOOED Off Stage, Then Trump Came In And FINISHED The Job!

If it’s one thing that’s true about our great nation, it’s that it doesn’t suffer charlatans and crooks for long. Hillary Clinton just found that out the hard way, as her newly-appointed Chair and disgraced ex-RNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was justly booed off stage when she announced that the public would be “seeing more of her in this election.”

According to Fox News Insider,

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed off the stage and heckled this morning at a breakfast for Florida delegates.

The Florida congresswoman is resigning as DNC chair as the Democratic National Convention begins today in Philadelphia.

Wasserman Schultz’s exit comes after leaked DNC emails revealed an apparent anti-Bernie Sanders bias in her operation.

Some supporters tried to drown out the boos from Sanders supporters, who held up signs that said “emails.”

When she finished speaking, she walked out surrounded by security guards as people shouted “shame!” at her.

Wasserman Schultz is slated to appear at the DNC later today to officially kick off the four-day event, but she’s not expected to give a speech.

She attempted to give her prepared remarks despite the chaos.

“We are the state that will deliver the White House to make sure that we can continue to make the progress that we have been able to make under Barack Obama for the last eight years,” she said.

Not only is this a wanton disregard for the rules that the DNC has set up for itself, it sets a dangerous precedent for the Clinton campaign. Not only does Hillary not care about corruption, she openly welcomes it. She will cheat to win, and America cannot stand for that.

Thankfully, Donald Trump sounded off on his disgust with the situation, and put the lying Dems in their place:

Amen, Mr. Trump, Amen.