Hillary Used American Flags For Her Rally Then Threw Them In The Trash

If you ever want to show a Liberal voter why you think Hillary is unpatriotic and doesn’t care about America, look no further than this post and share it with them all.

Hillary Clinton’s last 6 months have been really bad. Though she’s won the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, she’s been in the news CONSTANTLY for acts that are unbecoming of a presidential candidate. After the email scandal, a subsequent DNC email scandal, her questionable health issues, and non-existent political accomplishments, Hillary is quite possibly the least qualified person ever to be nominated for office.

So imagine our surprise when we see that at a Hillary Clinton rally, they do one of the most disrespectful things anyone can humanly do in our country.



And it’s such a simple thing to remember. Makes you wonder what their administration would be like if this is how they treat the simplest of tasks.

(Source: Twitter)