Hillary Clinton Tried To Explain The Constitution, FAILED In 5 Seconds FLAT!

Once again Hillary Clinton proves she doesn’t care about America or it’s values at all.

Clinton went on Steve Harvey to chat about the presidential race, Bernie Sanders, and all things politics on Wednesday. Why Steve Harvey, a man who couldn’t even read an index card properly, is the person Hillary was talking to about these topics is beyond me. At any rate, she was no the show and said something so stupid that I couldn’t believe what I heard.

Here’s the exchange in question.


Now that might sound very patriotic and it is. Except for one fact. That’s not a constitutional right at all. The phrase is in the Declaration of Independence. Meaning that not only does she not know one from the other (not surprised given how illegal most of her actions are), she just insulted all Americans entirely!

Democrats, listen up, do you really want a candidate who doesn’t know her ass from her elbow? That’s what you’re getting with Hillary. This video pretty much proves it.

(Source: YouTube)