Hillary Slams Trump On Foreign Policy, But Doesn’t Expect To Get TAKEN OUT By Judge Jeanine Pirro!

When Hillary Clinton says something stupid, you can be that we will call her out for it. When Judge Jeanine Pirro calls her out for it…hoo boy it’s was more intense than anything we can ever come up with!

And that’s exactly what happened in Judge Jeanine’s most recent opening statement. At the onset of her show, Judge Jeanine took on Hillary as she badmouthed Trump to roaring applause from her idiot crowd.

Hillary told the crowd how Trump ideas are “dangerously incoherent” and that he is “not only unprepared, but temperamentally unfit” to be our president. She also called Trump out for lying. Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black.

Judge Jeanine, as always, saw right through the slander and ridiculous nature of Clinton’s mud slinging. Here’s her response and it, is, AWESOME.

Judge Jeanine not only speaks the truth here, but shuts down Hillary so viciously I think Hillary might need to take a few days to recover. Hooooo boy. Incredible.

Do you think that Trump will be the next president? Do you think Judge Jeanine should be his running mate? It Hillary Clinton an insane person? We want to hear about it so get the conversation going in the comments!

(Source: YouTube)