Hillary Said “Trump Will NEVER Get The Black Vote.” Well, That BACKFIRED, Didn’t It?

The liberal media will have you believe that Hillary is in the lead with every demographic that matters, that the political soothsaying pundits of the world have already called the race in favor of Clinton, and everything else is simply a formality.

However, the truth couldn’t be further from whatever lie the liberal media has created for itself, as Trump is walloping Hillary in the polls, with no signs of stopping.

The black community, who vote overwhelmingly Democratic historically, are quickly switching sides because, just like anyone else, they’re smart enough to know when they’re being duped. According to The Daily Caller,

A poll released Wednesday of likely North Carolina voters shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton while at the same time gaining 32 percent of the black vote.

Trump is ahead among all polled voters with 46 percent, followed by Clinton with 42 percent and Libertarian nominee Gov. Gary Johnson at six percent, according to the Civitas poll. Seven percent of likely voters polled are undecided.

The GOP nominee is ahead with white voters with 47 percent, while Clinton has 38 percent of their support. While Clinton leads with black voters with 64 percent, but this poll shows Trump with larger support from the black vote than any other.

Trump is supported by 32 percent of likely black North Carolina voters, according to the poll. There is a margin of error of plus or minus 11.5 percent for Trump’s numbers with black voters. The most support a GOP presidential candidate has received from the black community in the last three decades is former President Gerald Ford’s 17 percent in 1976.

However, Trump’s popularity in the black community isn’t the most intriguing part. According to common perceptions, Trump does well with black voters because he “personifies success.” He’s a billionaire that succeeded on the strength of his work ethic and isn’t afraid to make that known to the world.

It’s a stark contrast to someone like Mark Cuban, who now supports Hillary, and has to basically apologize for being rich by dressing like a frat boy every day, despite having the wealth of several small countries.

Here’s Mark’s endorsement of Hillary. It is hard to watch:

Let’s not lie to ourselves – success is awesome, and we can have more of it with Trump in the White House. Trump’s popularity with blacks is another nail int eh coffin for Hillary’s disastrous campaign, and I can’t wait for it to be over.