Hillary Said Trump Is Helping ISIS, Trump Proved That She’s FULL OF ****! WHOA!

Hillary Clinton is being backed into a corner by her supporters, who are converting to Trump supporters at a record pace. As she plummets in popularity, it makes sense that she’d try to bolster support by badmouthing the other side. However, in the Democratic debate, she outright lied about Trump and his role with the terrorist network ISIS.

According to Hillary, Trump videos are used as recruiting tools for ISIS, apparently due to the vitriolic and no-nonsense nature of Trump’s speeches.

Here’s a video of her speech:

However, the truth can’t escape the pathological liar Clinton, who was called out by Trump himself on Twitter:

As we know, Hillary will stop at nothing to lie about anything that will get her uninformed voters on her side. But we know better. Her days are numbered!

(Source: YouTube)