Hillary Laid Out Her Tax Plan But Forgot ONE Thing That DESTROYED Her CAMPAIGN! OH YES!

I do believe this is the definition of eating your own words.

The RNC has been under fire from Trump and Trump supporters alike in their backwards and establishment beliefs. However, there is one thing ALL consevatives can agree on: Hillary Clinton is an idiot. Here’s some proof to that in the form of an EPIC call out by the RNC on Hillary’s new tax plan.

Clinton just unveiled the tax plan she intends to implement should she become president (God forbid). Under her plan, those making a considerable amount of money, over $5 million to be precise, would need to shell out much more than they already are.

Here’s why her tax plan blew up in her OWN face.


Republican National Committee (RNC) chairman Reince Priebus will, on Monday, send a letter to former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s personal tax attorney Rorrie Gregorio, asking her if Clinton has paid the tax rates she expects billionaires and millionaires to pay — or if she’s not leading by example.

Under Hillary Clinton’s own tax plan, those making more than $5 million a year would be required to pay a surcharge to the treasury. In doing the math, since 2001, the Clintons would need to pay nearly $5 million more in taxes to comply with their own proposal.

BOOM! But what was the exact amount. Here’s what the RNC said.

“Should the Clintons choose to put their money where their mouth is and pay Hillary Clinton’s proposed tax, she and her husband would owe the Internal Revenue Service a cumulative amount of $4,687,898.56 dating back to 2001. To pay the tax for 2014 alone, the Clintons would owe $711,489.92,” Priebus wrote to Gregorio. “As a member of the top .01 percent of American income-earners and a proponent of higher taxes, Clinton should practice what she preaches by sending the U.S. Treasury the over $4.6 million she would have owed under her new tax. In addition, it is imperative that the Clintons continue to lead moving forward, and pay this 4-percent ‘surcharge’ tax on their 2015 federal income tax filings and each year moving forward.”

The RNC may have some weird tactics for this election, but they sure do know how to stick it to the Demorats when they’re being morons. Oh yea!

(Source: Breitbart)