Hillary Just Got KNOCKED THE HELL OUT By This FIRED UP Benghazi Mom…AGAIN!

Last week we got word that Hillary Clinton was being sued for wrongful death in 2 of the 4 Benghazi deaths. Patty Smith, mother of Sean Smith, and the father of Tyrone Woods, are suing on the grounds that Hillary’s reckless handling of sensitive materials and information lead to their deaths. Hearing this, we were overjoyed.

Now, Patty Smith is speaking out about the lawsuit and ripping Hillary a new one in the process. I can’t stop cheering her on.

Smith said that “from day one,” all she has wanted is to hear from Mrs. Clinton directly and hear an explanation for why her son died.

“I’d shut up if she would just tell me. But no, that is beneath her. She’s treated me like dirt. She doesn’t want to acknowledge my existence. I’m still here, Hillary, and I want answers!”

So since Hillary won’t do or say anything, Smith has an ultimatum.

Smith said she’s done “begging” Clinton to talk to her, so she has decided to bring the legal action.

“She will not tell me why my son is dead. She told her daughter. She told other people, but she will not talk to me,” said Smith, who recalled Clinton telling her shortly after the attack that a protest over an internet video was responsible.

“She lies. Why are people believing her and not me?” said Smith, explaining that her son called her on the day before his death and spoke about the lax security at the Benghazi compound.

“He told me he was going to die because she pulled all the security away.”

“She may be too big, but not in front of God she isn’t!” said Smith.

BOOM! That’s exactly the kind of person we need to take her down!

It’s going to be a very difficult journey, but we full support everything she will do to Bring Hillary to justice.

(Source: Fox News)