Hillary Just ADMITTED Obama DESTROYS Jobs, She Wants This Video GONE! WHOA!

I seriously cannot believe that this video exists! Share this around before it’s taken down!

Hillary and Obama seemed to be bosom buddies and they still put on a good show for the public, but this proves that there is some serious discord in the liberal ranks. When Obama came out with his completely horrible idea of Obamacare, all liberals fell in line to support this cause.

However, some of them slipped up and said that Obamacare is backwards and doesn’t make sense. Offender #1, Hillary Clinton! Here’s the video that non of them want you to see where Clinton says that Obamacare forces Americans into part time jobs, just to get health coverage!

The liberals are fuming and don’t know what to do with this video! This could be Hillary and the Democrat’s downfall! Share this everywhere. We need to get the word out that they don’t support each other and their policies are not going to help America.

(Source: YouTube)