Hillary Is Being Charged For Every Single Lie She Ever Told AMERICA. She’s Going DOWN!

It seems like Hillary Clinton’s run from the law, the truth, and the American public could finally be coming to an end. We have reports coming in that GOP lawmakers are bringing perjury charges against her.

We’ve all been wracking our brains as to how Hillary got off clean when the FBI said she did nothing wrong. No one really believes that, right? I mean the woman flat out lied. So when we read this and watched the report, we immediately breathed a sigh of relief. The GOP is finally getting their act together and will finally take her down!

Here’s how they’ll do it.

House Republicans have detailed perjury allegations against Hillary Clinton, citing the apparent conflict between her 2015 congressional testimony about her email practices and the FBI’s conclusions announced in July, according to a letter to the US Attorney for the District of Columbia.

“The four pieces of sworn testimony by Secretary Clinton described herein are incompatible with the FBI’s findings,”  House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., wrote to US Attorney Channing D. Phillips. “We hope this information is helpful to your office’s consideration of our referral.”

The Justice Department Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs, Peter Kadzik, confirmed in an August 2 letter to both committees they had the perjury investigation request and the department would “take appropriate action as necessary.”

HELL YES! Put her away. FINALLY.

This is just a continuation of the single largest red flag in American political history: Hillary Clinton is the ONLY candidate for president to EVER be investigated for crimes like these.

How is she still even in the race?

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