Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Financial Supporters Want Their Money Back! HAHAHA!

It seems as if every single thing that can go wrong on the Hillary Clinton campaign has gone wrong – and all before the primaries.

Let me explain old money politics to you – they’re bought and sold by special interests. Politicians like Clinton don’t care about people and they certainly have no incentive in getting things done that would help the country.

However, Clinton’s campaign may have gotten to the point of no return after her Tonight Show appearance. The LA Times reports,


Such are the mechanics of the Clinton campaign money machine, which is driven in large part by an extremely fickle – some might argue self-important – group of California moguls. Clinton will be back in California on Sunday to collect yet more checks. And one of the toughest challenges she and her advisors face is convincing this crowd of Hollywood executives and other titans of West Coast industry that they’ve got the campaign under control.

Lately, it’s been tough. Rival Bernie Sanders – a self-described socialist – is ahead in New Hampshire. The threat of the charming and formidable Vice President Joe Biden crashing the nominating contest looms. The FBI is investigating Clinton’s email server. It’s all amounted to a lot of nail-biting and hand-wringing in the cocktail lounges of Beverly Hills and beach houses of Malibu.

“It is something everyone is talking about,” said one prolific Clinton fundraiser, who asked to remain unnamed for fear of antagonizing the campaign. “Is she going to lose? What is going on? Is Biden running? Is she in trouble? Why is the campaign doing this or that?”

But by the time Clinton was preparing this week to roll back into California for her next fundraising swing, jitters set in anew. The problem now: Not enough glitterati are hosting her during this three-day blitz through Los Angeles and the Bay Area. There is an event hosted by Lionsgate Motion Picture Group Co-Chairman Rob Friedman, but beyond that, one campaign check bundler said, “It is the absolute B team.”

With major supporters falling by the wayside, it’s only a matter of time until Clinton bows out of the race, it’s not like she has any chance, after all.

(Source: LA Times)