Hillary Clinton Supporters Say “Equality” Means White People Have To Do WHAT?!

Quite frankly, this royally pisses me off. Make this go viral to show liberals a lesson or two!

There are all different kinds of discrimination folks. Just because a group of people is a majority doesn’t make it right for someone to discriminate against them. And that’s exactly what’s happening with the Cinder Block Comedy Festival in New York City, hosted by supporters of the Clinton campaign.

According to the poster for the advanced tickets, people of color, women, and LGBT people are allowed to purchase tickets at a discount. White, straight men will have to wait AND pay more. The PC culture, and Hillary Clinton’s supporters, have gone too far.

Women, people of color, and people who identify as LGBT will be treated to discounted tickets at the upcoming Cinder Block Comedy Festival in New York City, while straight white men have to pay more to attend.

Straight white men are being asked to pay $25 and must wait until March 15 before they can purchase festival tickets. Meanwhile, “women, LGBT and people of color are able to take part in the month long Early Bird submissions from February 15- March 14th 2016 for a discounted rate of $19.25 (77 cents on the dollar for the regular $25 rate),” the festival’s GoFundMe page says.

And the hilarious truth about doing this? It’s not only hugely offensive, but against the law.

Event organizer Coree Spencer told The Daily Dot. “Originally that 77-cent discount was supposed to be just for women in the early stages. As I was doing a little more research and kind of growing as a human being, I realized that that discount should be extended out to other groups that I want to be part of it [in order] to create the festival that I want.”

Spencer seeks to promote reverse “wage gap” economics at her festival to combat what she calls the straight, white male-control comedy circuit. The festival also unapologetically advertises its unequal pricing scale in a video.

Spencer also said she may charge straight, white males more to attend the event, a decision that would be in direct violation of New York’s anti-discrimination law.

Hillary lackeys, take note: you’re not special. All lives matter. Stop conjuring up the idea that straight, white males are out to get you. They’re not. You’re just too narrow minded to accept that.

(Source: Breitbart)