Hillary Clinton Just Did The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Seen And I Can’t Stop Laughing

That bad penny, Hillary Clinton, just keeps showing up and we keep finding out all kinds of fun things about her that make us love her even less. The most recent of which was when a former campaign staffer put out a video of her practicing dodging a hug from President Trump that was supposed to come at the beginning of the debate.

No word yet as to why she thought then candidate Trump might want to hug her, but here it is:

There was some question as to whether this was really Clinton in the video, but Reines said that it was indeed authentic, and Clinton further confirmed it with this little shout out:

It really does brighten my day; it reminded me that you’re not my President, and your ability to destroy my country has been at least partially neutralized.

However, the propaganda campaign started up with her followers, and some unsuspecting foreigners:

Why yes she did, Peter.

Uhhhhh, not sure all of that is factual . . .

That’s what you’d think, isn’t it? And I’m pretty sure we would if he did. But he didn’t, so we didn’t. Got it?

Because if it’s on Google, it’s never wrong.

There was this one bright spot I came across.

:sigh: Here’s hoping.

(H/T: Twitchy)