Hillary Clinton Just DESTROYED Her Own Campaign IN 5 Seconds FLAT! What A DUMMY!

Did Hillary Clinton just say that we should put her in jail?

That’s what I took away from this exchange curing the democratic debate on Thursday. Clinton was speaking about banks and had this quote about some corrupt executives.

Let’s just follow up on this because, you know, I’ve made it very clear that no bank is too big to fail, no executive too powerful to jail and because of Dodd Frank, we now have in law a process that the president, the federal reserve and others can use if any bank poses a systemic risk. I think that’s a major accomplishment.

Here’s the full follow up from Clinton.


She should heed her own words here. She has repeatedly been accused of murder, deceit, lies, conspiracy, and treason by not only the American public, but also from people in her own party and throughout our government.

Hilldawg, if anyone shouldn’t be “too big to jail”, it would be YOU.

(Source: YouTube)