Hillary CAUGHT Using ACTORS To Fill Seats During Her DNC Speech. She’s DONE!

Well, with the Democrats, the lies and deceit just keep on coming. This time it’s shockingly not from the speakers, but the people in the audience.

Have you ever wondered how the DNC fills that whole convention center full of people, especially when there are Bernie supporters rioting directly outside the convention hall? Well, it looks like hundreds, if not thousands, of those people cheering at the DNC are paid actors. That’s right, and we’ve obtained the proof showing it all.

According to this Craigslist ad, there is a need for paid actors to fill seats at a convention in Philadelphia. Gee I wonder what that could be for!

Not only that, but there are multiple counts of delegates and Bernie supporters showing the fraud that is the DNC seat filler scam.

And again.

What I can’t comprehend is that in the liberal Northeast, they couldn’t find a few thousand people that wanted to attend the DNC as real Democrats? Man, they must be hurting more than we thought. One thing’s for sure, after November, we’ll never have to hear the name “Hillary Clinton” again.

(Source: YouTube)