Hillary Called Trump Sexist In A New Ad. Donald Writes One Tweet That Shuts Her Down FOR GOOD! HA HA!

Oh man. Hillary’s loyal and moronic followers are going to be FURIOUS when they see this one.

Though that’s hard for me to comprehend actually. Her followers are so blind to this fact that they seem to overlook it every single time it’s brought up. Though it still hold validity to this day.

Hillary’s ads targeted Trump for being sexist in the past. Now, she’s poised to have her husband and serial sexual deviant towards woman in her White House to help with the economy. The irony is not lost on the internet.


Of course, this is laughable. Why? Donald Trump explains and he only needs 140 characters or less to do it.  

BOOM! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Hillary! Or was that Monica that did that? Trump’s point is HUGELY valid and deserves to be brought up come election time. You can’t be a champion for woman’s equality when you stood by the biggest womanizer in office in the country’s history.

That’s not brave, that’s just stupid.

(Source: Twitter)