Hillary Asked To Fact Check Her Reasons For Losing, So We Did. Here Are Her Biggest Lies.

For some, as yet unknown, reason those in the media and on the left are still strangely obsessed with what Hillary has to say about her election loss. Some of her recent comments have made quite a stir as she’s spreading around the blame for why she’s not currently residing in the White House.

This time though, she’s pointing fingers at the moderators of the debates for not hitting Trump with as many difficult questions as they did her. Thankfully, the left really reminded us about this “fact checker” thing during the debates, so let’s do a little of that now.

Via Washington Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton criticized 2016 debate moderators on Tuesday for not asking her Republican opponent and current President Donald Trump questions about job creation.

Clinton’s criticism was false because Trump was asked about job creation twice during two different debates by moderators Chris Wallace and Lester Holt, according to FactCheck.org.

While the third debate focused on a wider range of issues, Wallace asked Trump why his job creation plan would create more jobs than Clinton, according to FactCheck.

“The moderator also pressed Trump to defend his job-creation promises, telling the GOP nominee that “even conservative economists” believe it’s unrealistic for Trump to expect that he can grow the economy at an annual rate of 4 percent, create 25 million jobs and grow the energy industry at a time of low oil prices.”

View the full transcripts of the relevant sections of the debates pertaining to job creation questions here.

We get it, she needs to make sense of her loss in any way possible, but is there any end to the people she can blame? If you’re unsure whether she’s come to terms with what happened yet, please see below:

She dances all around it, but I can’t help but think that what she needs to do is just come out and blame who she thinks is at fault; it’s the American people. They were “scared off” as she puts it, and that’s what lost it for her. In other words, they/we were never convinced that she was actually an ethically upright person with our best interest at heart. We weren’t the mindless sheep that she thought we were, and she let some things slip through to show her true nature.

I understand her frustration, the office of President was hers to lose and to be honest, I thought she would win. But thankfully, enough of the truth came out to ensure that Americans were able to decipher her real character, and for now, all I have to say is “thank God and Greyhound she’s gone.”

(Source: Washington Free Beacon)