Hidden Camera Shows Fed-Up Citizens Fighting Back Against Violent Muslim Immigrants

Muslim migrants are often inured to violence. After all, the chaos rattling through their homelands is the reason that they were willing to abandon their lives and become fugitives in the first place. A video uploaded to YouTube shows what happens when entitled migrants clash with angry locals.

The footage shows a trio of unruly migrants attempting to force their way onto a crowded subway. The passengers refuse to let the thugs on board and a scuffle breaks out. Eventually, the migrants are shoved back onto the subway platform. +1 for the locals.

Watch below:

Dutch Professor Ruud Koopmans, Director of the Research Unit Migration, Integration, Transnationalization at the Berlin Social Sciences Center, told The Express that of the one billion people in the world who identify as Muslim “half of them are attached to an arch-conservative Islam which places little worth on the rights of women, homosexuals, and people of other faiths.”

“They support the radicals, they encourage them and provide them shelter or simply keep their mouths shut when they observe radicalization…In several Islamic countries, 14 per cent of local Muslims think suicide attacks against innocents are ‘sometimes’ or ‘often’ justified to defend…”

Conservative Islam is incompatible with modern, secular societies. Mohammad requires his followers to live like they’re in the stone ages. Women are treated like sex slaves and breeding machines while men become gun fodder. A man who’s not willing to commit jihad is frowned upon in conservative Islam.

European society is buckling under the stress of hosting millions of Muslim migrants. Assimilating hostile adults into an entirely new culture can be done, but it’s an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Friction between citizens and migrants is inevitable. Immigration is a boon to society if handled correctly.

If not, it becomes a nightmare.

(Source: The Express)