The Judge UNLEASHED HELL On Two Thugs, But Didn’t Know The Camera Was Rolling!

Wow. We needs more judges like this in our system.

Young thugs listen to rap music and see criminals glorified all over TV and the internet and then try to emulate them, thinking it’s either cool or a way to vast riches and fame. Well that’s quite literally never the case. Yet we still see thugs all over the street, thinking that this is the only way to make it in life. One judge is setting these young hooligans straight.

In this absolutely EPIC video, watch as Bibb County Georgia’s Superior Court Judge, Verda Colvin, sets these two teens straight.

The video is an incredibly powerful message and one that everyone should share with every American to show that this is how you’ll end up if you don’t straighten up and fly right.

(Source: YouTube)