Here’s Why Hillary Clinton Is Getting Ready To Run Again, And Why We Have To STOP HER

Just when you think you’ve seen the last of Madam Clinton, something reminds you of the pain you suffered waiting to see if she’d  get to set up shop in the Oval Office. Clinton has been keeping herself busy writing books with sympathy inducing titles like Shattered and What Happened.

What happened is that the American people were faced with the blatant nature of her illegal activities and it shattered her dreams of using the federal government as her own personal piggy bank.

The concerning topic of today as pertains to the Clintons is that she has yet to disband her campaign staff. One would think that someone who planned to warm an arm chair and fade into retirement would be downsizing her personal staff, but Clinton has retained several of her closest aides and staffers.

Via Fox News:

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has paid Huma Abedin nearly $65,000 from her campaign funds since her November election defeat, Federal Election Commission filings show.

Records show Abedin, Clinton’s longtime friend and aide who served as the vice chair of the campaign, has been paid $64,415.10 in salary from Hillary for America, Clinton’s campaign committee, since mid-November.

From mid-November to the end of March, Abedin was paid $52,180.65 from Hillary for America. From the beginning of April until the end of June, Abedin was given another $12,234.45 from Clinton’s campaign committee.

Abedin is not the only individual who is still receiving payments from Clinton’s campaign.

Nick Merrill, Hillary’s former press secretary, was still receiving checks from the campaign as of late June, the end point for the latest available figures.

Robert Russo, who was the director of correspondence and briefing for the campaign, now carries the same job title in the Office of Hillary Clinton and is still being compensated from Clinton’s campaign committee, as are a number of other staffers.

Clinton has also sent $800,000 from her campaign funds to Onward Together, a “resistance” group that she launched earlier this year, the Washington Free Beacon previously reported.

This information leaves us with a foreboding cloud that makes us doubt whether Hillary is really retired from public life. The retention of some of the staffers that she finds most valuable might lead one to believe that she’s got plans for them, and herself. Despite all the bad blood between Hillary and almost everyone (except for her loyal feminist’s followers with boots on the ground), it’s possible that she might be planning another foray into the public eye. Because what are the chances we’re lucky enough to have seen the last of her.

In case you’re feeling nostalgic for some of the reasons that Hillary didn’t win the Presidency, here are a few of the times when she tried to relate to you and I and just couldn’t quite stop being better than us

It’s no surprise that this cooked politician is pathologically unemployable. She absolutely can’t see a set of rules without breaking them and seeing if she can get away with it. That’s not a trait that someone should be looking for in the person the elect for any position, certainly not one where their job is to uphold the law.

We don’t yet know what Hillary’s future plans are, because she’s the master of deceit, and we won’t know until she wants us to, but it might be a good idea to brace yourself. It’s Friday now, but Sunday’s coming, and we will no doubt be called on to pay for our sins of rejecting the queen of Washington.

(Source: Fox News)