Here’s Why Donald Trump Stepping Out Of The Debate Was The Smartest Move EVER!

As Fox News reels from the loss of it’s #1 debate participant by calling him names, and the liberal media lambastes him because the liberal media is a bunch of whiny babies, Trump not rises to the time and has been called a political genius.

And quite frankly I agree. He’s won every debate, Fox News, while very good at many things, has tried it’s hardest to keep Trump down, and Trump’s never faltered. Now, as everyone says he made a grave mistake skipping the debate, one writer is calling him a genius.

Here’s what The Daily Caller’s Jaime Weinstein had to say.


For starters, he has hijacked another news cycle or two. He may also get Fox News to give some nominal amount of money to charity in order to get him to reconsider his decision to skip the debate, thus providing him a victory he can tout on the campaign trail. Alternatively, he’ll host something like “The Donald Trump All Star Town Hall Extravaganza In Support Of America’s Veterans” on some rival network with some of his more famous supporters like, say, Sarah Palin, Sylvester Stallone and Mike Tyson participating in some capacity. He’ll probably get as many or more viewers than the actual debate if he does something like this and he’ll be able to claim he did some good by raising money for a worthy cause to boot.

No other candidate could do this. No other candidate would even think of trying to do this. If you haven’t realized it already, Donald Trump is a political genius. He is the greatest brander and media mastermind of his generation — of perhaps any generation.

I couldn’t agree more! Trump is our man, but is he yours? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: The Daily Caller)