Here’s What The Mainstream Media Talked About INSTEAD Of The Manchester Terror Attack

The Manchester terror attack has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds since the news first broke. However, while the senseless loss of life seems like it should be the most important thing to update people about, some of our friends at the major news networks decided that talking about President Trump’s Russia investigation should take precedent.

Some of the stations gave a hat tip to the goings on over the pond, and then went right back to their regularly scheduled propaganda.

Others decided to carry on with the important messages first, I guess just to see if the death and dying would go away before they had to cover it.

Via Daily Caller:

About two-thirds of the way into their respective segments, CNN and MSNBC gave way to the more compelling breaking news story and finally switched coverage back to the terror attack for the remainder of the hour. Both networks had spent more than 30 minutes ignoring the attack in order to focus on the negative Trump news.

While some of the details of the Washington Post report are new, the thread of the Trump campaign asking intelligence officials to tamp down on media reports accusations of collusion with Russia is old news. Reports circulated as early as February that Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus asked the FBI to deny reports that campaign advisers were communicating with Russian intelligence agents during the campaign.

Fox News, however, went about it in a little more traditional way putting the breaking news out when it was actually breaking (i.e. when it happened, not after 30 mins of chatter about Russia and the evil President Trump).

Just another fantastic example of how the priorities are structured at the mainstream media headquarters.

(Source: Daily Caller)