Here’s What Liberals ACTUALLY Think Of Free Speech. I Think I’m Going To Be Sick.

We’ve seen for some time the slippery slope that the liberals were on with their rioting and opression of free speech. All the political correctness and branding normal words as aggressive has finally gotten out of hand. The average liberal on the street it seems is finally against free speech. Mob mentality isn’t anything new, but it is new to consider it something that must be cowed to by police and peaceful citizens.

This is one great example of how things are going down hill, and fast. The guy in this picture is holding a sign that just shows that he want’s the right to free speech, and he’s branded as the most objectionable thing anyone can think of.

“Look at you white male”?? They’re basically saying “look at you, existing as the color that you were born without showing the proper copious amounts of shame, dejection, and submission to minorities.” I’m not sure when we went all the way over to having white skin being a bad thing, but this kind of racism is escalating at an alarming pace.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason to believe that this guy is anything other than a peaceful citizen. “Nazi” came into the conversation when somebody decided to hurl it as an insult. There’s no evidence that this guy is anything other than a proponent of free speech. I guess that’s not tolerable to the party of tolerance though. The man with the sign didn’t do a single aggressive thing, and yet he was pushed and shoved and verbally berated in an attempt to silence his platform of open and free dialogue. Sadly, these people don’t even realize that he’s standing up for not only his right but their rights too. Maybe they agree with those in power now, but what does everybody think is going to happen when free speech is done away with and somebody new gets to steer the ship.

The reason these rights are in place is because the winds of change don’t discriminate. At some point in your life, you’ll have something tp speak up about, and you’d better hope and pray that somebody stood up for your right to speak when that happens.

(Source: Youtube)