Here’s The Time Hillary ADMITTED To Foreign Collusion, Live On CNN. OOPS!

Our nation has been taunted for months now by the idea that we didn’t get a fair election. Even those of us who voted for the winning candidate are unnerved at the idea that our sacred election process could be compromised.

So far all of the blame has been pointed at the guy who won, President Trump. After all he gained from the results of the election, and if he did cheat that would turn his base against him. Since the finger pointing has begun, all the talk of what the punishment should be, if he were implicated in a scandal, has grown by the day.

It might be time to get the left to put those possible punishments in writing though because it turns out that there may have been someone in cahoots with a foreign government, but it might not have been the winner.

Obviously, she’s trying to make a point here; she wanted everyone to believe that the world hated Donald Trump. She just didn’t bank on that making us want to elect him even more. Hillary was so absorbed in her own extreme left agenda that she didn’t realize that we didn’t want someone who was going to play nice with international leaders, we wanted someone who would stand up to them.

So apparently you can get on the phone with leaders of other countries who don’t want your opponent to win, and still lose. The incredible thing is trying to pin the election tampering on the other guy though. You’ve gotta give the woman props for courage that she could still chase this down after announcing on live TV that she did the same thing she’s accusing President Trump of doing.

They say the best place to hide something is right out in the open, and I guess that’s worked out well for Hillary.

(H/T: Red State Watcher)