Here’s The SHOCKING Statistic That Gun Control Supporters Don’t Want You To Know

Liberals will always tell you that gun control is the only way to reduce murders and suicide rates in this country and the world over. Well I’m here to tell you that is a bunch of bull.

And guess what? There’s facts and data to back me up! In Australia, in 1996, there was a law passed that essentially made owning automatic and semi-automatic personal rifles. However,

Vox says this gun-control system was a causal factor in reducing the suicide rate. A data-heavy piece by German Lopez, published this week, includes a chart purporting to show a causal relationship between the buy-back program and the drop in the Australian suicide rate.
‘When countries reduced access to guns, they saw a drop in the number of firearm suicides,’ Lopez wrote.
But while the chart does show a steady decline in gun-related suicides, the reduction occurred at the same time as an overall reduction in the Australian suicide rate. What’s more, firearm-related suicides had been declining in Australia for nearly ten years before the 1996 restrictions on gun ownership.
Vox’s own chart does not appear to show a causal link between gun control and a reduction in suicide rates in Australia.
Just more proof that guns don’t kill, people kill. Wake up liberals! You’re wrong again.