Here’s The REAL Reason Why Everyone Hates James Comey

Ding dong, Comey’s gone. It appears that a house finally fell on our friend James Comey, but this time it was the White House. FBI Director James Comey has long been hated in an a-typical bi-partisan way that few people ever have the career to warrant.

It’s been a long time coming, but he was finally removed on Tuesday by President Trump after he refused to resign. He’s not the first director of the FBI to be removed from office by a President, but it’s far from a common occurrence.

I’m not sure if Republicans or Democrats will be more relieved to see that the FBI will be getting a new director, but one thing’s for sure; it was long overdue.

Comey’s reign of political involvement compromised the FBI in a way that was never supposed to happen. Understandably the previous administration gave the impression that people could get away with whatever they wanted with the example being set by the former President, but even the liberals began to hate him for his unchecked influence over politicians.

Was he responsible for Hillary’s loss? Who knows, but if he’d been doing his job in the first place we probably never would have gotten far enough to be talking about it.

(H/T: Daily Caller)