Here’s The Real Reason America Hates Barack Obama

There’s no doubt that President Trump is a one of a kind sort of President. He has made waves and created controversy everywhere he goes. Those of us that were incredibly relieved to see him take up residence in the White House though might easily forget just how stark the contrast was between our current Commander in Chief and his predecessor.

While I hate to give the Obamas any more press than they deserve, I think it’s wise to remember history, so that we don’t end up repeating it.

One great example of the differences in these two leaders is the way they deal with comforting the nation in the wake of an attack.

Via Daily Caller:

A side by side comparison of President Donald Trump’s response to the Manchester Arena terrorist attack and President Barack Obama’s response to the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando reveal a lot about how the two perceive terror differently.

Trump addressed the tragedy in the United Kingdom that claimed 22 live and left at 59 injured in no uncertain terms, saying the victims were “murdered by evil losers in life” and targeted in a terrorist attack by extremists. He also added that: “This wicked ideology must be obliterated, and I mean completely obliterated. Life must be protected.”

His first reaction was to assure America that it WASN’T a terrorist, even though we didn’t know anything at the time. He just wanted to put that idea to bed before the facts even come in. And for the record, I think many Americans are like myself and we embrace all kinds of gun safety measures. I’ve taken classes and read books, I even keep the safety on all of my firearms when it’s not in use.

His address was a callous propaganda pushing segment on what his liberal party wanted him to say. Anyone with an ounce of compassion would have known that it was not the time and place to be agenda peddling.

In case you wanted to hear the President’s whole statement without the annoying middle parts, here is President Trump’s response to the Manchester attacks.

President Trump addresses the individual and his motivations when he promises to stop it from happening. Obama talked about the tools used to do it. Tools that have been used for generations of good, but that his political party wants to take away from us so that we can be more easily marginalized.

If that doesn’t make you glad to be out of the Obama reign of “change” I don’t know what will.

(Source: Daily Caller