Here’s The REAL Melania Trump Quote That Michelle Obama DOESN’T Want You To Hear!

We’ve all heard about the non-issue of Melania Trump having three lines that sounded similar to an old speech made by Michelle Obama. The liberal media have run with this because it’s the closest thing they have to news.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton narrowly avoided being put in prison for lying to the American public, cops are being shot by militant black supremacists enabled by the President, and the boot of ISIS nears the throat of the civilized world.

But we’re all really concerned with a few phrases that Melania Trump said. Right?

You know what? Fine. If we’re going to be comparing what one woman said versus another, here’s an epic tweet that shuts that down once and for all:

What it proves, is that Melania actually cares about being a citizen of the country, while Michelle, having been a natural born citizen, never felt proud of the country until something on her wish list happened. It outlines the difference between someone who loves the country and another that wants to bleed it dry for political points.

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