Here’s Why Obama Is USELESS Against ISIS – In His OWN WORDS!

Obama loves to put up a good front. Saving face seems to be his MO during his final year. We all know better.

This time, as he has before, Obama has claimed that the U.S. has “momentum” on it’s side in the fight against ISIS. The U.S. has bombed certain targets and taken out a few things, but hardly enough to consider it momentum. Especially as the mass exodus of Muslims from the region continue to migrate to Europe and ISIS sleepers could be in their midst.

But there’s one thing that Obama is looking into that proves he is not serious about the fight against ISIS and the civil war in Syria and Iraq.


President Barack Obama assured the American people on Wednesday that the United States has “momentum” in the war against the Islamic State.

“We have momentum, and we intend to keep that momentum,” Obama said, delivering a statement at the CIA headquarters following a meeting with his National Security Council.

“For ISIL’s leadership, it has been a bad few months,” he said, before ticking through a number of leaders who have been taken out. “And in the days and weeks ahead, we intend to take out more. Every day, ISIL leaders wake up and understand that it could be their last.”

Yea that’s great. You’ve been saying that for the last year, now. What about the civil war?

The U.S. is looking forward to a diplomatic resolution to the civil war, he said, while noting that a fragile cease-fire has been in place for about six weeks.

“It has reduced the violence, although not eliminated it. But that reduction is meaningful and it’s allowed some humanitarian aid to reach the Syrian people,” Obama said. “So the cessation has saved lives, but as we’re seeing around Aleppo and other areas, the cessation is tenuous and under strain.”

Meanwhile, here’s what Russia has been doing in Aleppo:

I’m sorry what, Obama? A “diplomatic resolution”?!?! You’ve got to be kidding me! This is an area of the world where strapping a bomb on your waist and murdering innocent civilians and children is considered an act of honor and bravery. There’s nothing diplomatic about running into a market and blowing yourself up. And this is why Obama will never win or be serious. Diplomacy vanished from existence long ago. We need to wipe ISIS out by any physical means necessary. Words won’t do anything when the enemy continues to have their fingers crossed behind their backs.

(Source: Politico)