Here’s One Embarrassing Thing Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want You To Know, It Proves TRUMP WILL WIN!

The people have spoken, ladies and gentlemen.

You know that border wall Mr. Trump keeps talking about? Well as is turns out, the people that live there actually want it. Crazy, I know. Ted Cruz may have carried Texas and taken a majority of delegates out of that primary, but the people who want a wall and would reap the immediate benefits from said wall voted almost unanimously for Trump.


Donald Trump was embraced on Tuesday by voters in America’s most Hispanic city.

Trump won almost 35% of the Republican primary vote in Webb County, where Laredo is the county seat, comfortably ahead of Marco Rubio (28.4%) and Ted Cruz (28.2%), the Hispanic senator from Texas who finished first in the state overall.

Despite the limited GOP voter pool, it is notable that Trump should not only triumph here but generally perform better in border counties than in the Texas interior, where Cruz was in command. After some small-scale polling at the Nevada caucuses, Tuesday’s outcome provided harder evidence that Trump has not been shunned by conservative Latinos. He may even have inspired them into action: he won more votes in Webb County than were cast in its primary in total in 2012.

BOOM! Take that Trump haters. The voters want him just as much as you’re telling the public that everyone doesn’t. Our votes matter and there’s nothing you can do about it. Trump 2016!

(Source: The Guardian)