Here’s How Trump’s Immigration Reform Will Fix Obama’s Huge Mistakes

And it just keeps heating up about immigration reform. Liberals, take note on how to create intra-party agreement.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), lambasted the Obama administration for their failure to enforce current immigration policies and laws.

Sessions says in the interview,

you don’t have to pass a lot of laws. Some smart legislation would help, no doubt about it. And I think if a president is elected on the promise to fix this border, and illegality, the American people will insist that reasonable laws get passed. But, basically, utilizing existing law, we can make huge differences, and reduce this illegality, and create a system that serves the national interest. President Obama is just flat-out refusing to enforce basic law, that’s been on the books, sometimes, for a decade.

Even though they are worlds apart, Sen. Sessions and Trump agree on this extremely important point, something that liberals can’t say.

(Source: FoxNews)