Here’s How Much Of Her Own Money Hillary Donated To Veterans. Hint: It’s ZERO!

Hillary Clinton is a lot of things to a lot of people. Let me explain.

To certain Democrats, she embodies the left and everything they believe in. She could be the first female president and the Liberal mindset of diversity and equality to all is blinding them from the truth about her and her shady past. I’m all for a female president, let that be known. But Hillary should not be that person. Liberals don’t get it.

However, Conservatives do get it. We get it because we see a candidate that loves America and supports our way of life. That candidate is Donald Trump. We see Hillary for who she truly is: a lying, cheating, backward, poor-thinking, shill that will sell out to the highest bidder and say anything to get elected. We here at YIR however, have unearthed a fact that even she can’t talk her way out of.

As Trump raised $5.6 million, including $1 million of his own money, for our own veterans, Hillary donated nothing. Ever.

Hillary money

Such claims are laughable on their face, as aside from Trump’s snarky remarks about former RINO presidential candidate and Arizona Sen. John McCain, there is ample evidence of Trump giving his own wealth and time to help both individual vets and veterans organizations.

Case in point: While Trump just donated $1 million of his own money to the veterans fundraiser — not the first time he has done so by the way — Hillary hasn’t donated a single dime of her own that we know of toward veterans’ causes. The Clinton Foundation, which is funded by other people’s money, has given roughly $70,000 toward a handful of vets’ organizations over the past few years.

Disbursing $70,000 of other people’s money is a far cry from donating $1 million of your own.

And that $70,000 came from the Clinton foundation, not her own pocket. Rightfully so, Trump was PISSED. Here’s why.

I don’t get how you can call out Trump for donating to our veterans and then stand there and say he doesn’t deserve credit. You’ve done NOTHING, Hillary, for them. Ever. Hell you got 4 of our troops killed in Benghazi.

Maybe she needs her head checked, this woman is clearly delusional.

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