Here’s Exactly How “Affordable” Obamacare Is To A Regular American. This Is INSANE!

When Obama wanted to reform healthcare, he didn’t do it by caring for the people of the country who were already feeling the strain of high-cost, but high quality healthcare. No, he wanted votes from people who don’t pay for anything because that’s how democrats stay in power.

By promising that everyone will be covered by an insurance provider, that forced insurance companies to raise rates because of the millions of people that they’d now have to take on by law, regardless of how risky it would be for the company. That’s why the line “you won’t have to pay any more” and “you can keep your plan” was a crock of BS from the beginning.

To illustrate this point, Facebook user Tim Haugan posted his insurance quote for his family’s health insurance, under Obama’s plan. I hope you’re sitting down.


The most expensive plan costs $1037.37 per month, which would be more than $12,000 per year. What’s even more insane is the cheapest plan would cost almost $10,500 per year, but cover almost nothing, since the deductible is a wallet-lightening $8000, and that doesn’t even cover the copay.


With the median annual household income in this country at around $50,000, taking a quarter of that in combined medical bills every year doesn’t sound like the idea of “Affordable” to me. But that’s the point – it wasn’t meant for the people that work for a living. It was meant to appease the untaxable masses that expect handouts from the government. Well, here’s the result of that, and I hope to God that it’s repealed with a Republican president.

(Source: Facebook)