Here’s Every Single Time CNN Was CAUGHT Cutting The Mic On Guests Who Exposed Hillary’s LIES

For the longest time, the media’s liberal bias used to be somewhat secretive. It wasn’t openly spoken about and actively denied when brought up, to the point of being absurd. However, during this election cycle, it seems as though the media have shed their thin veneer of objectivity, and with it, any credibility and just began shilling for Hillary Clinton.

The most egregious examples are CNN and MSNBC, who actively shut the microphones off, or cut the feeds of anyone that doesn’t tow the party narrative that Hillary is America’s savior Queen, and Trump is the devil. The second they get any sort of dissent, it’s squashed faster than a fly at a cookout. However, liberals will still deny this, and seeing as how 24 hour news cycles are often hard to catch at these times, most don’t even know that this happens.

Until now.

Without further ado, here is every single time CNN or MSNBC has cut off the microphone of a reporter or guest that has gone against the pre-determined narrative. Share this with everyone you know.

If this doesn’t get under your skin, I’m not sure what will.