Here Are The REAL Poll Numbers Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want You To See! WHOA!

Here’s even more fuel to the dumpster fire that is the national polling system.

We reported that Donald Trump trailed Ted Cruz in an NBC national poll, but we all know that it’s an incredibly small sample size and the poll was run by a liberal. Well here’s a better poll for everyone to stick in their pipe and smoke it!

Cruz won big in Iowa among evangelicals during the caucus, but oh how the tides have turned.

trumpjobs2 (2)

CNN, Public Policy Polling (PPP), Emerson College, and Opinion Savvy polls all show that Trump’s double-digit lead among the general population is accompanied by a similar lead among evangelicals.

According to the CNN poll, conducted between February 10 and February 15, Trump leads Cruz in the general population by 16 points, 38 percent to 22 percent. That lead is even larger among evangelicals:

Trump holds an even broader lead among white evangelical voters in the state, who typically make up a majority of Republican primary voters. He tops Cruz by nearly 20 points among this group: 42% Trump, 23% Cruz, 14% Rubio, 9% Bush, 5% Carson and 1% Kasich.

So looks like not only is it among evangelicals, but among the general population as well! Way to misrepresent the news, every liberal news outlet ever.

(Source: Breitbart)