Here Are All The Times Tim Allen DESTROYED Hillary-Loving Liberals On His Show. This Is Why He Was FIRED.

If you’re a conservative who is tired of all the brainwashing that’s on TV today, chances are you found a breath of fresh air in Tim Allen’s second TV hit called Last Man Standing. The obvious double entendre (or maybe triple, I’m not quite sure) hit many Americans just when they needed it, and the show has been a smashing success since day one.

In every way but one, that is. The overly conservative nature of Tim Allen’s character has given ABC a nasty stench of conservativism. Unwilling to let that be their reputation, ABC has apparently decided to cut off their nose to spite their faces and has ended the hit series after it’s 6th season.

I guess we should have seen it coming. I, for one, was shocked and amazed to hear some of Allen’s anti-liberal sentiments coming through my TV when the show first aired. It’s amazing that these opinions are allowed to even be broadcasted anymore, much less by a major network.

Here are a few of my favorite quips from Mike Baxter (aka Tim Allen) about Hillary, the left and the general madness that is American politics today.

Oh Hillary and how she should enter a room:

On political correctness and aggressive behavior:

Again, with a 100% on point jab at Hillary:

And just one more with Mike and his favorite gun. Oh, how we will all miss the guns and bows and general wildlife killing paraphernalia.

Maybe whoever picks up O’Rilley will pick up LMS too. Probably just those two shows playing on a loop would make somebody a lot of money.

Rest in peace Last Man Standing, you will be missed.