Here Are All The LIES The Democrats Told During The Debate! This Is INSANE!

Liberals are liars. Don’t believe me? Let’s do a fact check of what they said during the debate the other night. Hint: it’s not pretty.

It wasn’t just liar extraordinaire Hilary Clinton doing the falsehood slinging, it was also socialist Bernie Sanders. They were saying some things that all Democrats would love to hear, but the reality of the situation is that a few things were just flat our wrong.

I love how Sanders leads off the video with “here is a truth very few candidates will say.” What your saying isn’t true at all, actually!

As per the Right Scoop:

Bernie’s LIES:

  1. He exaggerated the unemployment of young blacks and Hispanics by referring to the “underemployment” number but calling it simply “unemployment.”
  2. The United States is NOT the worst in wealth and income inequality, it’s about 42nd in inequality and 16th in wealth held by the top 1%.
  3. They point out that in the past he’s qualified it as the worst among “major countries” and he’s LYING about that too.

Hillary’s LIES:

  1. Hillary exaggerated the gun deaths per day by using the number that includes suicides – this puts the idea in the heads of the audience that gun crime is enormous, which would not include suicides.
  2. Cankles says she did everything the State Department demanded of her about the emails, but that’s not true – she was supposed to turn them over by the end of the tenure in office but it took her two YEARS to sift through the yoga emails.

(Source: The Right Scoop)