After Harvey Weinstein Hypocrisy, George Clooney Get Worst News Of His Career

The explosive sexual harassment allegations coursing through Hollywood have tarnished a lot of reputations. Liberal favorite George Clooney hasn’t escaped unscathed.

Clooney’s name at the box office used to be considered a draw, but his popularity is tanking. His latest movie, a pretentious offering that tries to blends racism and suburbia into the same story, is flopping at the box office. More people are interested in seeing “Jigsaw,” the rebirth of the Saw franchise.

“Suburbicon (Clooney’s film), despite high-profile stops at the Venice and Toronto film festivals, is tracking to open in the $5 million-$7 million range from 2,045 theaters. If so, that would mark the worst wide opening of Clooney’s directing career, as well as one of the weakest starts for leading man Matt Damon,” the Hollywood Reporter writes.

If Matt Damon can’t save a movie, it’s lost. Clooney and Damon both are known for their close relationship with Hollywood’s pervert king, Harvey Weinstein. Audiences might be recoiling from the movie because of the pair’s hypocrisy.

Clooney tries to market himself to feminists and women’s rights groups, but that’s hard to reconcile with his friendship with Weinstein.

“Paramount paid $10 million for U.S. rights to the indie project, which was financed by Black Bear Pictures, with Bloom handling the film internationally. Critics haven’t warmed to Suburbicon, which currently sports a 38 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes,” the Reporter continues.

38 percent is pretty meager. Clooney should hang up his director’s cap and retire. He’s rich, he’s middle-aged, and he has nothing else to do.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)