Hannity KNOCKED OUT Every Melania Trump Hater With One Picture Obama DOESN’T Want You To See!

As the Liberal media continues it’s onslaught against Melanis Trump for “plagiarizing” Michell Obama’s speech from the 2008 presidential campaign, Republicans are coming to her defense in droves. So much so that everyone seems to be getting involved and calling out plagiarism that the Left has been doing for decades.

In fact, we dug up some footage put together by brave patriots showing how Obama himself plagiarized off of people for his 2008 campaign. Here are two examples.

And again.

But the best and most damning evidence against the Liberals is this picture brought to you by Sean Hannity, whom we love here at YIR. This is EPIC.

So this outrage over Melania using words that Michele Obama happened to say, and probable stole, 8 years ago is pretty much just ridiculous BS. You guys don’t own words. Clearly. You’ve been taking them for years instead of being original. Pitiful.

(Source: Facebook)