Hannity Completely Shames Rachel Maddow… She Won’t Want To Show Her Face In Public

Nielsen ratings are in, and Sean Hannity destroyed Rachel Maddow in their first head-to-head battle. Fox News wisely shook up their schedule after Maddow suddenly became popular. Hannity’s show was moved to 9 pm to compete.

“The Fox News pundit pulled in an average of 3,498,000 viewers from Monday through Thursday, with 713,000 in the key adult 25-54 demographic… Maddow averaged 2,649,000 viewers, with 599,000 adults 25-54,” the Daily Mail writes.

Maddow should be embarrassed. Just as people were beginning to say she might be the new queen of cable news, she was toppled from her throne. Hannity didn’t just beat her, he demolished her.

Fox News is still the dominant network. Recent scandals haven’t diminished its influence.

“Overall, though, for the 63rd straight quarter, Fox News was still the most watched cable news network, even with a schedule that has been in flux since the departures of Megyn Kelly in January and Bill O’Reilly in April…”

The fake news networks are struggling. MSNBC’s shrill tone suits Millennials, but almost no one watches CNN. Why would they? CNN is known for its fluffy, insipid coverage. Its pundits aren’t exactly known for their hard-hitting interview skills.

(Source: Politico)