Greg Gutfeld Exposes Hillary’s One Secret To Being Liked By Democrats. It Is NOT What You Think!

Here’s an interesting theory and it’s one that seems to hold a fair bit of weight. If you’ve noticed, Hillary Clinton has done very few press conferences since her email scandal broke late last year. So few in fact that the number she’s done is exactly zero.

This may be a calculated move according to “The Five” personality Greg Gutfeld. He thinks that the less people see of Hillary, the more appealing she becomes to low-information Democrats. This actually makes a lot of sense. Most public figures that don’t want publicity stay in the shadows until something bigger comes along in the news cycle and then they re-emerge as they’re not the focus of the attention anymore, and Clinton is no different.

Here’s Greg’s opinion on this conniving plan.

Greg Gutfeld said the one thing helping Hillary Clinton so far this Democratic convention has been her absence.

“The less you see of her, the better she seems,” Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld said Clinton’s is “as wooden as George Washington’s teeth.”

He said “we’ve seen some great speeches this week, but not the great Hillary or the great plan or the great vision.”

“We’ve been told there’s no one more qualified than her, but why hasn’t she been able to sell that one herself?

“Imagine sending your pals to a job interview, while you sit in the car sending emails to Huma. That’s Hillary’s campaign.”

Who’s with me on thinking that she needs to do more pressers and debate Donald Trump immediately!? Get her in the open where we can expose her for the liar and scam artist she truly is!

(Source: Fox News)