Gov. Employees Caught Drinking And Sleeping On The Job, Get Bonus From Obama!

Is there no end to his insanity? I sure don’t think so.

This time he’s giving bonuses for delinquents that work for our own government! Obama and his administration just gave bonuses to federal employees who were caught, get this, sleeping and drinking on the job!

Not even at a holiday party of any kind. Just a regular old work day nap or some hair of the dog. Unreal.


The Social Security Administration gave bonuses to employees who were caught sleeping and drinking on the job, according to a new audit by the agency’s inspector general.

The agency paid out $145,000 in bonuses in 2013 to employees who were written up or suspended for misconduct. Some employees received performance awards after they were suspended for sexual harassment and bringing weapons to work.

Just like Obama. Staying classy.

One employee was rewarded with a $325 ‘Recognition of Contribution’ bonus after he was suspended for 45 days for ‘being rude and discourteous to the public and management, possession of a weapon, and lack of candor.’

You know what happens in the real world when you get cited for sleeping, drinking, or disorderly conduct on the job? You get fired. I guarantee you that if a conservative was in office, these workers would be out on their asses the same day! Liberals: can’t trust ’em and they don’t even care enough to fire anyone.

What would you have done to these workers? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: Washington Free Beacon)